Weaving and porcelain revisted, plus porcelain geology

Shannon Donovan 11 years ago

My explorations regarding how to weave porcelain into a textile continue. This weaving is going much better than the first one. I bought proper cotton warp thread, which is much easier to work with than the crochet cotton I tried the first time around, and the silky red yarn I'm using for the weft is a pleasure to handle. The result is that this object is looking much more integrated with the fibre:


I'm also aiming to complete two felt/porcelain pieces in the next few weeks. I was inspired by Francoise Tellier-Loumagne's book The Art of Felt, which features beautiful textural pieces based on sky and clouds. In a sort of geologic inversion of this idea, I'm going to attempt felted backdrops with handmade porcelain "rocks" that reference terminal moraine and outwash plain. I'll give the felt a whack this week, but first, the rocks:

That's a 10-p coin included for scale. I chopped up the porcelain and wedged in all sorts of oxides: manganese, copper, black iron oxide, and rutile. These aren't fired yet and will probably be more brown than gray once they are. I'm hoping that in combination with lumpy, bumpy, shaped felt made from natural undyed wool, they'll evoke landscape. We'll find out in a few weeks!