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Making mountains
Oh my, where does the time go? 9 days till the exhibition at HCA opens. I've been busy.  Here's how to build a mountain. I used this wonderful heavily grogged black clay, which is about as opposite as you can get from the porcelain I usually work with. First I built a substrate of 10 x 10 cm squares, and...  show more
Kiln gifties and felting fun
The past couple of weeks have seen further progress with my (probably too numerous) fibre and ceramic experiments. First, some lovely gifties from the kiln: I'm not sure yet what I'm going to use the white ones for, but the green ones will be embedded in a felt landscape. Speaking of which, I had my second-ever foray into feltmaking. It's...  show more
Weaving and porcelain revisted, plus porcelain geology
My explorations regarding how to weave porcelain into a textile continue. This weaving is going much better than the first one. I bought proper cotton warp thread, which is much easier to work with than the crochet cotton I tried the first time around, and the silky red yarn I'm using for the weft is a pleasure to handle. The...  show more
Back from the USA
Greatly looking forward to resuming work on ceramics and textiles at Hereford College of Arts tomorrow. I just got back from 3 weeks in the Philadelphia area, visiting friends and family and installing "Doily Diary" at the Clay College. For that project, I crocheted a doily each day during 2012 (actually more than one, so I'd have extras), then took...  show more
Doily Diary: a solo show in progress
For over a year, I've been planning to install a "doily diary" at the Clay College in Millville, New Jersey, USA. I was invited to do this solo show before I moved to the United Kingdom, and I'm in the States this week getting it ready. I've crocheted almost 400 small doilies -- one for each day of 2012, plus...  show more
Science don't get to rest
And neither does art. Over the holidays, I've been plugging away at my first attempt at integrating weaving and ceramics. Even after re-stringing the frame, I had so many twisted warp threads that I decided to stop this piece halfway up and only incorporate 2 of the 5 ceramic objects. Next time, instead of crochet cotton, I'll use proper warp...  show more
Warping up
I finally conquered my fear of the unknown and have begun my first attempt at weaving ceramic objects into a textile. Getting the warp onto a weaving frame was one evening's major accomplishment. The first attempt didn't go so well: The next attempt went a little better. Let's just say, I'm going with it and will see how it turns...  show more
Progress in clay
I've been making fine progress on the ceramics component of my residency, throwing loads of small porcelain objects for incorporation into textiles. I use a technique called "throwing off the hump." The images in the album "Wheel-thrown doodahs" show the process. (Yes, I really call those little wheel-thrown objects "doodahs.") I'll be in tomorrow, working on cleaning up the most...  show more
Getting started
Heading into Hereford College of Arts to kick-start my projects, after being away last week. Here's hoping for a fruitful first day of work!  show more