Scott Engering 13 years ago

I went to pick up my independently manufactured sample silk scarves early in the morning, only to discover that my instructions to make simply hemmed squares and rectangles had not been followed. I was speechless and it seemed an auspicious start to a day when I was finally to get to meet the Fashion students!

With my project delayed for some weeks, I really didn't hold high hopes for the co-operation of the students who, by now, I had expected to be far too busy with their own college projects to really take much interest in working with me. Through my own practical experiences on this project to date, I thought that I had set my expectations of the students too high - not related to their own abilities, but based on the production problems that were being experienced by someone who had been working with a wide variety of fabrics for over years.

Time for Plan B to be put on the table. Who knows how this project will yet unfold, but the students have been offered the chance to choose any one of my fabric designs and then make a garment of their choice, from one of their own bespoke designs. In hindsight, I think that this is a much better idea for the students. I sensed that at least two of the students were really interested so, provided that I get confirmation this week, the revised project seems to be back on track.

This continues to be a steep learning curve and, for one reason and another, the "overall project" has had its highs and lows but I feel a lot more optimistic than I did a week ago. Some updated photos of progress are included in a new photo album.