Snowbound in Treeton

Scott Engering 13 years ago

I was meant to have a crucial meeting in High Melton today, to discuss how my plans for silk scarves were going to be incorporated into the work of some of the more advanced students in the Fashion Department. No chance! I am snowbound in Treeton and I am sure that High Melton is just as bad!

My last Blog was full of optimism but I feel a bit disconcerted because, by now, I would have hoped to have had some response from the college, in answer to a couple of questions about the printing of my silk scarf designs. The weeks are ticking away, this winter looks like being a long and hard one and I still haven't started my project yet. There is quite a waiting list and a delivery time measured in weeks, for short runs of digitally printed designer fabrics -the likes of Zandra Rhodes use them - and it is therefore vital to the project that this first phase is set into motion.

It is easy enough to get a set of designs printed independently of the AA2A project and, looking to the future, I have already lined up someone to make some scarves for me, but this is only a small part of the artistic process.  Once the fabric is printed, the students will be involved in the next stage, to actually make a finished item, and my role will be to document the project by photographing each stage of production. Then, using the college photographic studio, the next stage will be to produce photos that will be suitable for advertising, marketing and publicity and to write some supporting text for Press Releases etc.

The plan is that this will link in with other related projects that I have been working on this year and, if everyone works together, should be to the benefit of everyone involved.

All of this needs some careful preparation and I am sure that, with the fashion industry being so different from the building restoration industry (with which I am much more familiar), it will be a steep learning curve.

Let's hope that the next blog is a more positive one.