The First Step

Scott Engering 13 years ago

With the clocks having gone back and the foul wet and windy weather starting to take hold, that 2 hour trip by public transport to High Melton had started to look unattractive, so I was thankful for a bright day on which to get my project going.

With the help of all of the staff that I encountered today, I soon got into the swing of things and although the creation of a large computer file, ready for direct printing, proved more difficult than expected, my idea for12 silk scarves, squares and small Pashminas, is one step nearer being turned into practical reality.

All being well, the masterfile will be on its way for printing in the next week and I can look forward to the next stage - getting the students involved in the production process. It's now over 4 years since someone first suggested this to me, so I am looking forward to seeing some colourful printed silk.