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Feedback Requested
I meant to say that constructive comments would be welcomed from all of you fashion conscious girls out there!  Looking in the shops, scarves come in all shapes and sizes. The squares that I made are for small splashes of colour (feedback is that 900mm x 900m would be better) and are about the minimum size. Rectangles need to be...  show more
I went to pick up my independently manufactured sample silk scarves early in the morning, only to discover that my instructions to make simply hemmed squares and rectangles had not been followed. I was speechless and it seemed an auspicious start to a day when I was finally to get to meet the Fashion students! With my project delayed for some weeks, I...  show more
Communication Breakdown
The bad weather last December seems to have thrown everything up in to the air and I haven't been to college for a long time. I still have my own timetable to work to, as far as my own artistic ideas are concerned, and I have therefore had some chiffon silk printed and am in the process of having it turned...  show more
Snowbound in Treeton
I was meant to have a crucial meeting in High Melton today, to discuss how my plans for silk scarves were going to be incorporated into the work of some of the more advanced students in the Fashion Department. No chance! I am snowbound in Treeton and I am sure that High Melton is just as bad! My last Blog...  show more
The First Step
With the clocks having gone back and the foul wet and windy weather starting to take hold, that 2 hour trip by public transport to High Melton had started to look unattractive, so I was thankful for a bright day on which to get my project going. With the help of all of the staff that I encountered today, I...  show more
Logged In
Having had a look at the resources available and met some of the staff, I now have a better idea of the direction that I can take. However, it is still a bit bewildering and I currently feel like a bit of an observer and not a participant, but I am sure that this will change. The problems of engaging...  show more
Getting Started
Hi there everyone. I am just starting to get my head around the idea of spending time at Doncaster College and I am sure that there will be many twists and turns along the way, from now until the end of May. I am here because so many people have said that I should be transferring my images onto  show more