The People You Meet

Rory Buckland 8 years ago

I spent yesterday shooting what was likely the last roll of fim for the core project of my AA2AC residency. The weather was just how I needed it - overcast, giving a nice even soft light. A bit of rain, but that was easily enough worked around.

One of the things I like about photographing out on the street is the people you meet. The curious ones, that enqiire about what you're photographing, or recognice the Mamiya RB from their days of shooting meduim format film before everything went digital.

The facilities at Solent are getting pretty busy with the impending deadlines for the students to hand their work in. Comfroting to see students still leave it all to the last moment!

So now its all about editing, tidying up the scans and deciding what and how to have an outcome from the project. Ill also be able to get more material in my sketchbook for the project.