Well on the way

Rory Buckland 8 years ago

So Im aware thst I havent been on here and writing as much as I had hoped or intended.

I understand the scheme is drawing to a close for some, however I was lucky enough to be offered an extension at my interview. Which is a relief as I am still in production of the project I pitched at my interview.

I have had many internal ongoing questions about what I was doing, and if it is the right approach. However I deciede to go with my instincts and carry on as I had decided. See what the end result is when its completed, hopefully a good one.

Becoming reaquainted with analogue photography has been really enjoybale and may well have changed my practice for the longterm. I have been using 35mm for sketchbook purposes, whilst shooting final images on medium format (120) for fininshed pieces. this last week I have commenced a little side project on 5x4 which I will write about iin another post.

I have had some assitance form students with the project, which has been helpful and hopefully useful for them as well. If Im honest there my have been scope for more, but I can be a bit controlling when it comes to my work. So relinquishing that and the inherent quality control can be tricky. Something I need to work on I dare say.

Thats all for now. I will try and visit again sooner!