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Scanning, scanning, scanning...
So as you might have guessed from the title the last couple of weeks of my residency have mostly been about scanning! Well all that analogue output has a price I suppose, and that price is hours at the scanner, but all in a good cause. Its great to be able to see the images closely on screen and start...  show more
The People You Meet
I spent yesterday shooting what was likely the last roll of fim for the core project of my AA2AC residency. The weather was just how I needed it - overcast, giving a nice even soft light. A bit of rain, but that was easily enough worked around. One of the things I like about photographing out on the street is...  show more
Well on the way
So Im aware thst I havent been on here and writing as much as I had hoped or intended. I understand the scheme is drawing to a close for some, however I was lucky enough to be offered an extension at my interview. Which is a relief as I am still in production of the project I pitched at my...  show more
Did my first day at Solent last week after swopping emails to gain information about any procedure for getting started with my placement. The facilities look promising for my project and Im keen to get going with it all. Unfortunately not knowing anything about the institution is making progress slow, as getting information and being set up on their rather...  show more