view//point - pop-up exhibition

Rodrigo Costa 4 years ago
Unit 5, FarGo Village, CV1 5ED, Coventry
08-04-2019 to 11-04-2019

'view//point' consists of a pop-up exhibition/gallery space created by Rodrigo Costa and Saul Motiejaitis, which puts in contrast two different ways of responding to our current world and society.

Rodrigo's work reveals an intimate research into ways of reawakening the purest, unstained, organic self (of the artist and the audience), by evoking a simpler era, a simpler being – childhood, a child. Through the exploration of the states of alienation, evasion and obliviousness associated with these, the interest for (self)questioning and (self)liberation outgrows the one for aesthetics and wonder.

On the other hand, stemming from a colder examination of light, form and memory, Saul explores cinematography and the subtle relationships between light and material. Aesthetics and perspective dabble with memories through recreated footage in diverse arrangements and alter the ambience of these memories. There is a real focus on the subtlety and harshness of the materials that cooperate to create these visually and narratively interesting scenes and creations.

private view - 8th April (open to all) // 6pm-9pm
other days // 10am-5pm

view//point - pop-up exhibition