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Contributing to AA2A's Environment Summer...
As an eco-artist I aim to work with and for nature, often incorporating natural materials into the work itself and setting out to illustrate and raise awareness of the sience behind invisible natural processes in an interesting and/or aesthetically pleasing way. And all artists have the privilage and the duty to Remember Nature. Model for my Practice.  My practice as...  show more
"Dead Bog : Living Bog"
These twin woodcuts were inspired by my research and reflections on the death of Lindow Moss caused by drainage and peat cutting followed by the potential to return it to life as the first steps towards restoration.  The woodcuts are based on the LIDAR image, with one of them positive and the other negative. The negative image has been filled...  show more
The Second Elizabethan Age – all that glistens is not gold
The Second Elizabethan Age has just drawn to a close in the UK.  Elizabeth ll’s 70 year reign coincided with unprecedented growth in prosperity (even if increasingly unequal), but this has come at a cost – a sustained rise in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere from 310ppm in 1953 to 419ppm in August 2022. This work makes this cost...  show more
Threshold; 15th February 2022
February 2022 was a momentous time for Lindow Moss.  For centuries, the peatland had been degraded, initially by cutting peat for fires, draining it for agriculture and progressively enclosing it.  But the degradation sped up rapidly over the past hundred years with the introduction of mechanical methods of peat cutting and planning conditions requiring exhausted areas of peat cutting to...  show more
Beauty is truth, truth beauty
“Beauty is truth, truth beauty; That’s all on Earth you know, and all you need to know” John Keats, Ode to a Grecian Urn I was reminded again this week of this insightful, fundamental statement of art, life and nature today.  First, on Sunday, my Earth here in Manchester was topped and tailed by a restatement of this at the...  show more
My Project Statement
I am embarking on an extended piece of work focused on Lindow Moss near Wilmslow, a degraded raised peat bog which, until recently, was subject to mechanical peat extraction.  This has now ceased, and restoration of the bog commenced in February 2022.  In May this year I produced 30 experimental artworks exploring the history (natural and human).  My intention is...  show more