The Waters Are Coming

Phil Barton
7 months ago

See the tides on the move.

Originally planned for my MA Art & Science Degree Show at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London in 2020 which never took place because of the Covid-19 lockdown, The Waters Are Coming made a 2m sea level rise physically present in Granary Square, Kings Cross earlier this year.

 The title of this work acknowledges the work of campaigning journalist Jeff Goodell whose books include “The Water Will Come” (2018, Black Inc, Australia)

The four arrays of fountains were programmed by the artist to echo tides around the
world, moving from east to west. The high tides now were set at 40 centimetres high and those in c2123 were set at 200 centimetres.  Thus, 2m tides will engulf twenty of the most vulnerable cities and countries in the World, starting in the Pacific to the east and working their way westwards until reaching Los Angels in the west.
Marked by red lights and markers on the Square surface, the cities and countries from East to West are:
Fiji   Tuvalu   Tokyo   Shanghai   Manila   Jakarta   Bangkok   Dhaka   Mumbai   Maldives   Maputo   Cairo   Copenhagen   London   Lagos   Buenos Aries   New York   Florida   Santiago   Los Angeles