AA2A Show Install Help

Peter Roman 2 months ago

As a student rep (and a bonus of a module placement), a classmate and I helped our univeristies AA2A artists install a show yesterday. It was a thrilling experience seeing artists coming together and working together to plan where work would go best, helping make decisions on how things look on the walls, floors, etc. 

We helped in different ways, like hunting down TV screens, benches, and painting supplies. We helped patch holes, paint the surface and get the plinths white again from scuff marks. I was learning a lot about how group shows come together and how much work happens behind the scenes for a show. 

I picked up some helpful ways to install different types of work: grids made of photos and prints hung up on the wall. This day was insightful, and I can't wait to continue placement and helping as a student rep with the AA2A artists.