Gallery Visit and Tree Drawing

Peter Roman 2 months ago

This week, I finished the Tree of Life piece with purple and gold ink and added glow-in-the-dark details. I found a dark space to test how the glow-in-the-dark looked and if it worked. I love how this piece turned out. I've started a small personal sketchbook, hoping to get more comfortable with freehand and observational drawing.

Visiting the Baltic, the Hatton, and an additional unplanned trip to the Laing was eye-opening, especially since we don't do art like it used to be done. I think it's a shame to lose touch with some of that, even though im aware of growth in the art industry now. You have to follow the trends and ways art is expanded now, but I'd like to adopt the habit of creating art surrounded by places and nature in my spare time to be more in touch with that.

I preferred the Laing over the others, even with the short time we spent there because the artwork was more what I enjoyed seeing and could appreciate a bit more than the other things we saw at the other galleries. The baltic is always amazing, especially the viewing. I enjoyed the space and web work in the Hatton at the minute. It was a fantastic day, surrounded by art and artists of different practices.

Photos to accompany the blog post