Upscaled Drawings and Paintings

Peter Roman 2 months ago

This week was a productive one for work and experimenting. I got the gold layers of the figures and the pastel outline, which I think looks terrific. It stands out but blends in and doesn't jump out, so the rest of the painting can be enjoyed.


For the second canvas, I added a watered-down layer of acrylic to separate the sections of colours that I plan to do in more detail; I'm glad I picked a pink underpainting as, in places, it shines through but still compliments the background nicely. It gives it a nice glow.


We did a poster workshop for the hypothetical exhibit we have to plan for this module; I haven't included it in the images because it's far from being finished. I'm doing a few different versions, so I want to wait until they are done for a first draft, then show half-complete posters. We were shown how to use InDesign, which I've always wanted to know how to use. We were shown the essential tools and interface to make a poster with text and images and fit the images correctly. As well as how to save the files right. We got to ask additional questions and learn more as we went. We had ideas for something we wanted but didn't know the tools, so we were promptly shown how to do it.


At the end of the week, I did some small mock-ups and a big scaled-up version of a Tree of Life, which I plan to paint at the start of the following week. I plan to add watercolour and ink to drawings like this and make a series of them on paper. I'm enjoying using paper as a surface at the minute. I want to get some observation drawings done in a sketchbook, go on walks and sit-downs in places, and capture the life and movement from these settings.

Blog Post on the Website featuring the photos