Expiermenting and Research

Peter Roman 1 week ago

Last week was productive, and I got a lot of research done. I also was able to get a good start on another canvas as well as experimentation. I added some gold leaf to the canvas I spray-painted last week. This symbolises the LGBT+ by elevating and celebrating them, emphasising their value and significance. The shimmering gold represents resilience, strength ( Gold has been historically associated with prestige, power and wealth.) and the beauty of queer identities.

It adds a bold touch of colour, which pops, drawing attention and inviting the viewer to engage with the artwork's underlying message. Within the other canvas piece, I plan to add a spray-painted background. However, I plan to leave the space of the figures a blank colour. I'm considering for this reason of painting over the gap of white I left out to fill the outline I did in yellow pastel. It pops out a lot against theanted blue, which I want to stand out after the background is added against the blue that is left. Leaving the figure empty allows the viewers to fill the gap in themselves. Leaving the pastel on means it would be rubbed away over time without a varnish. Essentially stripping the identity of the figures away. Ive purposely chosen a photo where my partner and I are standing away from each other blindfolded to represent the social stigma we and many others have to face in a queer relationship, how we sometimes have to act with our backs to each other and not be like a heterosexual relationship would be in public for fear of hate or judgement.

I did some more experimenting with the embroidery machine. Now I am comfortable using it, I can begin to go bigger and find out how far I can go. I have prepared more significant bits of canvas with paint on to see if I can embroider over the paint. This would be helpful to add finishing touches and details to paintings I do in future.

I bought some glow-in-the-dark paint and glitter paint to follow through on my ideas, so I tested them both on bits of paper of different types to see how they showed up and reacted. The glitter spray worked well, but im still working out the glow-in-the-dark paint.

I did some test drawings with pencil and charcoal; I plan to develop two further with ink and watercolour. I loved how the one turned out the best.

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