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Week 7 - Critical, Audio, Video and Painting
I started this week out feeling quite drained but inspired to create some ideas I had. I started off taking photographs stripping and editing them to the contrasted details to help with painting. To start these paintings I gessoed, sanded and under-painted with neon paint I had on a wood panel. I attached it to the wall with some hooks....  show more
Sketchbook Work
This week was spent doing a lot of research, sketching and waiting for the work guys to finish the lights in my studio so I knew I wouldn't be kicked out of my studio in the middle of the painting. My plan for the coming week is to get started with painting. It was nice to be able to spend...  show more
AA2A Show Install Help
As a student rep (and a bonus of a module placement), a classmate and I helped our univeristies AA2A artists install a show yesterday. It was a thrilling experience seeing artists coming together and working together to plan where work would go best, helping make decisions on how things look on the walls, floors, etc.  We helped in different ways,...  show more
Gallery Visit and Tree Drawing
This week, I finished the Tree of Life piece with purple and gold ink and added glow-in-the-dark details. I found a dark space to test how the glow-in-the-dark looked and if it worked. I love how this piece turned out. I've started a small personal sketchbook, hoping to get more comfortable with freehand and observational drawing. Visiting the Baltic, the...  show more
Upscaled Drawings and Paintings
This week was a productive one for work and experimenting. I got the gold layers of the figures and the pastel outline, which I think looks terrific. It stands out but blends in and doesn't jump out, so the rest of the painting can be enjoyed.       For the second canvas, I added a watered-down layer of acrylic...  show more
Glow in the Dark Paint
The week started well; I was able to get some more embroidery done. I experimented with how well it would go through a painted surface and planned to do stuff on top of the paint as I added the design to the bottom corners. The rainbow thread to gold is a great idea to get the meaning of the works...  show more
Expiermenting and Research
Last week was productive, and I got a lot of research done. I also was able to get a good start on another canvas as well as experimentation. I added some gold leaf to the canvas I spray-painted last week. This symbolises the LGBT+ by elevating and celebrating them, emphasising their value and significance. The shimmering gold represents resilience, strength...  show more
Starting a New Project
For my new university module, I've decided to explore Queer Theory and relationships. This is a personal project to me as I experience things a non-queer relationship doesn't. I plan to use my own relationship with my partner as a focal point for the artwork. I'm excited to start the research and the work I have planned.  I've already started...  show more