What could it mean?

Peter J. Hodgson 3 years ago


Update: It has been a few months, difficult months because of my mental illness but I made a goal to make something everyday and I stuck to that. I have been creating content on my Instagram and tagging in aa2a, I hope they like what I have done. Cyanotypes is 2021's newest thing for me, I have loved making these and yes it does take a few attempts to get the hang of it...which I eventually did. I have created some lovely cyanotypes and I am currently working on my second comic but i'm also working on other things too. I have been looking into Community Arts projects to see if this is something that might be good for me in the future. 


I was delighted to be offered this opportunity, admittedly I did send aa2a my artwork through social media and I have been tagging them in my content for a few weeks. I have learned that this is the way to get your work out there which I thought was a little pushy but it worked and here I am...the flip side of that which is what I like to believe is that I was chosen because aa2a like me and my work which is lovely.

This new opportunity is great because it means I get to have my work promoted and I get to promote the work we do at Bradford College on the BA Hons Visual Arts course and I also get to share my experience as a maker who struggles with mental illness.