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In Conversation Curator Hugo Worthy & artist Pamela Schilderman
Looking forward to the 'In Conversation' with Hugo later today at De Montfort gallery. I have my powerpoint presentation ready, my sketchbook ready and I'm packed ready to go! It will be relaxed and informal and there'll be plenty of opportunity for you to ask me questions, hope to see you there. 5 - 7 pm  show more
Sweet Smell of Success
Really pleased with how my anatomically correct wax nose has turned out! Did the cast on Friday and then poured the melted wax straight in. Needs some tweeking but otherwise I almost wish I could keep it.  show more
Pumpkin Stands
At home in the studio, I have been working on the height, scale and design that I want for my stands with varying degrees of success. I started with screws, blue tac and garden wire first and then moved on to the wax. I now know the height and size of base I need. I think I may incorporate a...  show more
Abstract Anatomy
My love affair with plasticine continues. I am considering making some Victorian style shadow boxes. Working on compositions and getting individual parts right so that I can have them in series. Not sure yet on size or how many but I think I will stick to the monochrome black and white palette as it's proving quite effective.     show more
Plasticine is Childsplay
Found a new favourite medium! It's so easy to manipulate and mould into different shapes and it's quick too! I can test out proportions and compositions for my sculptures easily. So don't turn your nose up at this versatile medium, I may even go beyond using it for simple maquettes and make an artwork with it!    show more
Back to Square One
It happens sometimes but thankfully this time, it's happened at the beginning of the process! I had an enlightening meeting with a  Forensic Biology Lecturer at De Montfort who answered my varied questions. As a result, my clear bottles will need to be repurposed. The good news is that sometimes the artwork you intended to make ends up better as a consequence of...  show more
Super Silicon
Finally got to remove my resin model yesterday and it doesn't look at all bad considering it's my first attempt. I'll have to wait for it to be completely dry and then I'm going to fill in two little air bubbles and sand it down so that the surface is perfectly smooth. I may even use the mould again to make a back...  show more
Three Clear Bottles.....
My very first glass bottles ready from the kiln! Delighted, I've been wanting to learn how to work with glass for so long! Jill, the technician is amazing, I can't wait for my next session.  show more
Brass Connection
Came home Friday, brain wizzing with ideas. Have fallen in love with brass and feel like I'm on the cusp of making something. Still plenty of research to go but I'm enjoying the journey!  show more