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Thoughts after firing the first kiln
It's been good to have thinking time, to let ideas settle and decide what is a distraction and what is important (I need to do that as sometimes there are just too many ideas) It was good to finally fire my 'Kiln' and have time standing round the fire watching the proccess of 'decay' . I managed to video it,...  show more
Thoughts about art and climate change
Forget everything else, Brexit, the economy, none of it will matter in 12 years’ time if we don’t change the way we live our lives.’ This is what I want to shout through my art. A recent response developed from collecting litter from the banks of the River Soar to make a circle of waste, an ‘earth of plastic’. Passers-by have...  show more
Time to think
Although I've not been in working for a couple of weeks I have been to the lecture programme. This has given me a lot to think about along with drawing and writing in my sketchbook, which has helped move my ideas on. I find it very important to spend quiet time thinking about and sketching ideas. I enjoy letting ideas...  show more
First week, first kiln
I have had a good first week, working out what I want to do and getting started. Sometimes it seems that starting is the hardest part, but as soon as I began preparing my paper pulp I felt the calm joy that creativity brings. As I worked I was able to engage with the ideas that had been developing and...  show more
work in progress exhibition
A week or so ago I was part of the work in progress exhibition at Loughborough. Just before I set up I wasn't entirely sure what I had, and if it amounted to anything tht made any sense. By placing the work in a gallery setting, doing some drawings, and giving a talk helped me to see where I was going. I...  show more