the face..

Nick Walters 10 years ago


art speak..


Fascinated by the process of drawing my face again and again, the different aspects that come out - first the too long-ness - the 'x' axis, then the too narrowness - the 'y' axis, the constant struggle with the eyes, nose, ears, mouth - but so crucial to a convincing portrait.. the tone, the different muscles in the head, the skull, the 3d, the very very subtle perspective - and the curve of the face, the light..


its like trying to do 20 rubiks cubes at the same time…


exhilarating when it goes well, devastating when it doesn't.. but a practice, a rehearsal, a study..


Enjoying the 'painterly' way I am using the pencil, shading, mark-making and rubber..


gotta go and make some food now..




drinking too much..


spending too much money on DIY..


oh well..