so sideways..

Nick Walters 10 years ago

So Sideways is the name of a film that a guy I was at college with produced...

Steven Eastwood - I wonder what happened to him..

oh yes, saw the Marina Abramovich film yesterday and noticed she went to University of Plymouth!! Quick googel - she didn't study in these hallowed corridors - she was made an Honourary Doctor...

The Artist is Present.. Such a powerful idea - Feel like I am exploring 'presence' in my portraits, sitting, stillness, intimacy.. Marina is exploring this very pertinently, and without any masks or interfaces, such as a picture that is hung on a wall that a viewer may interact with as a communication with the artist.. Here she is actually making herself available completely.. Her artist is completely accessable..

Thinking about building my arts practice, and the concept of 'spreading out' - going sideways to look for financial assistance - awards, bursaries, residencies..

Not necassarily 'selling pictures' - although that would be nice!!

But really the practice of art/ drawing/ observing/ dreaming.. 

The residency idea is a really cool one; the idea of living and working somewhere really appeals, perhaps drawing the parcipitants..

Also wondering about an MA - but the Plymouth one looks too wordy.. More interested in finding more traditional place where I can develop my drawing skills.. The Princes School looks good, but in London - and Phil mentioned possibilty of a new drawing course starting in Plymouth..

So getting clear what it is I want - and then waiting for it to appear..

Creating my own reality..