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beltane musings...
well, I am still drawing, and I think I'm getting somewhere - of course I'm trying not to care whether I'm getting somewhere or not bit that inner critic can't help pushing me forward... ..and I think its a good thing, I'm really enjoyimg the 'craft' of working with simplicity - the same position of the face, the same paper,...  show more
the face..
  art speak..   Fascinated by the process of drawing my face again and again, the different aspects that come out - first the too long-ness - the 'x' axis, then the too narrowness - the 'y' axis, the constant struggle with the eyes, nose, ears, mouth - but so crucial to a convincing portrait.. the tone, the different muscles...  show more
so sideways..
So Sideways is the name of a film that a guy I was at college with produced... Steven Eastwood - I wonder what happened to him.. oh yes, saw the Marina Abramovich film yesterday and noticed she went to University of Plymouth!! Quick googel - she didn't study in these hallowed corridors - she was made an Honourary Doctor... The...  show more
sunday thoughts...
Spent the week-end drawing.. Felt good..  Demons crowding around me though.. is it good enough?, what's the point?, what about money, etc... But exploring this lovely feeling of 'practise' - just doing something because I like it, and keeping doing it.. noticing as i draw the same thing over and over again - namely my face - that i notice...  show more
emerging intimacy..
it is with a heavy heart that I take down my show... I really, really enjoyed the oppourtunity to create something, to 'ring - fence' a period of time.. A period of time to take over a space.. Made me realise how unique that space is - the gallery space, and how I cherish its stillness.. With other art-forms I...  show more
easter musings...
At the university.. sitting in the canteen... tuesday afternoon... no-one around except some people doing crit-type reviews with tutors.. half-listening and wanting the attention, and half-enjoying not having to talk about what I'm doing too much... Its funny looking back at my initial application for this course, and my early artists statement, I'm almost doing the opposite of what I...  show more
Time Stamp - Statement from show...
Time Stamp 00:12:03:05:13:50.4:-3.66 Time : Date: Longitude : Latitude Every piece of data entered, on any social network, anywhere, has a time-stamp. It is added by default. These drawings are all time stamped, added by me, by default.   Dangerous patterns are emerging, in our technological utopia, humans are losing something... I can’t here define exactly what, but I have...  show more
draft artist statement..
  Artist Statement Coming back to art... I met Steve Berry, my old tutor, in a pub in Totnes and he suggested I apply.. Was quite shocked when I got in! Have spent 20 years since graduating continuing a dialogue I began at University, where I immersed myself in the conceptual ideas of the 90’s - with sharks in formaldihide,...  show more
hey, having a bit of an exsistential crisis... begun this scheme with a fascination with and a belief that by using the medium of technology I would be able to comment/ affect change/ create stuff within the world I am in on a daily basis - that of multimedia design and technology.. but as I keep doing this, my regular artists...  show more
happy new year... finally, have found the library I need to make this thing happen... been a long day... but good to have found it.. not much else to report.. good to hang out with Rachael and Vikki this avo' and arranged meeting with sound geek for next week.. slowly, slowly catchee monkey.. :) also looked at this: which is awesome...  show more
where am I?
A dynamic drawing of where you are?  show more
a few technical notes:
interface idea..     early version of interface idea in flash: built last week - using data from - testing sample API nice, clean - interesting data-feed: - only updates every hour:  show more
galloping wildly in this expansive landscape of possibilities..
interesting show of exhibition talking about 'space' - studio space - and the ma students reflecting on what it means to them... I am redefining what it means to have a 'studio' - and increasingy my perception of that space that the various artists referred to - and the way they use it - to reflect, to paint, draw, meditate,...  show more
captains blog 4.12.12
not much time today (again) - but good to get down to plymouth and do work on project - had some compiler issues that held me back also - and had to pick my daughter up from school - which i don't normally do on tuesday.. so a bit frustrated, but my ideas still moving forward and formulating into inyteresting,...  show more
Stopping time..
Well, that's it for now, managed to stave off various other projects to give my artistic soul free reign for a few hours.. Didn't manage to get to any of the lectures today which I'm annoyed about, but did manage to create a star- trek style arrow float in 3d on the ipad... this seemingly simple, innocuous development may not...  show more
Marketplace of dreams...
Funny day getting times, trains (weather delays, cancellations) and resources ( books) mixed up - very unproductive and inefficient, but sometimes neccassary- feel my brain uncoiling, spilling out onto British rail carpets - and kind've allowing new synapses to form and connect, to shift around and grow... Keystrokes - man sitting opposite hammering that keyboard - maybe spewing out 100/200...  show more
weather tis nobler in the mind to do work about sex or the weather!!
hey strange, unreal, virtual world.. finally found e-mail with my new password - thanks Wendy.. well, its been a crazy few weeks - and I haven't managed to get to campus as much as I liked.. I did get to this: which I found really, really inspiring and great to meet other artists working in similar fields to me.....  show more
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getting a clearer intention...
At what point does electronic timing take over? When I’m looping a sound, or jamming with a mic, at what point does the subtle energy in the groove shift, or does it ? - is there a difference between a mass-produced, bubble-gum pop dance track, and someone baring their intimate soul in a pub with an audience of two...?  ...  show more