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October 2021: back after lockdown
Absolutely over the moon to have been given the opportunity to continue my AA2A residency at UCLan next month after it was so badly interrupted through all the Covid lockdown measures. Looking forward to reconnect with other artist and push my practice further while having access to all the university facilities.  show more
In lock-down
We have been in lock-down so many weeks that I'v lost count. Today the non-essential shops are reopening but it doesn't feel like huge step towards 'normality'. Unfortunately, I didn't quite realise the significance of the situation and left quite a lot of my equipment in the university studios. Whereas I have enough work to be getting on in the...  show more
First steps into self-employment
So, I have been putting it off long enough but it was coming: I am now finally registered as sole-trader i.e. self-employed. Luckily there are sources of information and help out there. The first time I really thought that this was the way to go was after hearing a talk by the national director of the AA2A program, Wendy Mason,...  show more
Having a foot in two different departments
Finally got out of the ceramics studio into the print studio to spent some quality time making print screens. My aim is to incorporate printed elements into my way of creating very dense surface patterns onto my ceramic sculptures. I am hoping this will save me some production time while introducing a new quality of surface decoration. So, I am...  show more
Fame at last or just a blip on the Internet
Just spotted myself on a trailer/film clip on the webpage for Earth & Fire International Ceramics Fair where 2019 exhibitors talk about their experiences. It is nice to have been included :  show more
AA2A Beginning - Start
So, it has finally began. Last week the new intake of AA2A artists at UCLan met up: an interesting bunch and lots of creativity and knowledge there. As I have been at UCLan for the last three years, first doing a two year MA part-time course in Ceramics and then another year as a result of having been awarded a...  show more