Curious about Time

Mary Hill 7 years ago

 One of the essential things I am interested in is how when we repeat a task over time it starts to alter our perception of the task in certain ways as well as potentially altering us. Can it also alter the essential nature of the task itself?

With a task that has very clear perimeters as to how it can be done it almost forces us to be creative and to engage our minds in new ways of thinking. This is the challenge I set myself. I work with a limited range of materials and set tasks which I repeat allowing for variations each time. The work begins with drawing and develops into using other materials alongside.

It is this steady deliberate approach which developed an interest into momentary readings which over a period show time passing. Each drawing/reading captures a moment which is immediately past. What can this tell us?

The materials I use for the drawings are ink and paper and willow sticks, thread and stones. Each drawing is on a 10cm x10cm piece of paper. I make a reading with the sticks and stones then draw them noting the date and time.

Out of the drawings and materials other tasks develop. Small 2d drawings with the actual sticks and thread become readings in their own right. 3d pieces develop which are less readings and more sculptural pieces developed with insights from the daily drawings.