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Drawing with Mindfulness
Here we go again! Sometimes work seems to have a cyclical process. Sometimes a piece of work runs its course or runs out of steam. It seems uncertain where to go next. This is when I return to drawing. I recently completed a Mindfulness Training Course which gave me lots of insights to combine with my drawing practice. The skills...  show more
Curious about Time
 One of the essential things I am interested in is how when we repeat a task over time it starts to alter our perception of the task in certain ways as well as potentially altering us. Can it also alter the essential nature of the task itself? With a task that has very clear perimeters as to how it can...  show more
Sticks and Stones
This is a new project exploring different ways of making an image with a limited number of sticks and stones. I am interested in developing simple practices inspired by my meditation and mindfulness practice. I make arrangements with six 'charachters', either sticks or stones or a combination and then draw them as a means of documenting and engaging physically with...  show more
I am still settleing into this project though are interested to see how using my process drawing method can help with character development. I recently finished an MA where I spent a lot of time developing a daily drawing practice to better understand my own learning and development process. I now want to use this knowledge and experience as a...  show more