The University is demanding I work in a certain way

Martin Joiner 12 years ago

We (the AA2A artists) are not getting paid in money but are getting paid in kind through use of facilities and studio space. So if your practice spans a range of techniques and you have a choice of projects to pursue; the sensible way to plan the remaining 5 months of this scheme is to work on that which utilises the resources that are not available to you outside of your residency.

Speaking generally, I reckon the piece of equipment that has been used as bait most often across this scheme is the deeply desirable laser cutter [Comment if the lure of a laser cutter was a deal-breaker, or at least a factor in your decision?]

In the past week I have realised that for me, the casting and fibreglassing facilities are the most precious tool at my disposal during my short time as Artist in residence at Plymouth University. For an artist these resources seem to be the most physically and financially demanding. Because I can animate and produce computer graphics from my desk in my flat, I can paint and manipulate wood in my garden (at least on sunny days) and I can outsource various printing needs to local companies at miner cost. But the one studio environment I cannot easily synthesise is casting. It requires bulk purchasing of materials and elaborate control of the environment. So therefore, I have made the decision to use this time to produce 4 new sculptures. [Comment if you have found your Universities/Colleges fascilities influencing your creative/logistical decisions]