Catching up

Lucy Carolan 7 years ago

For the past couple of months I've been too busy doing other things to go in to uni - applying for a PhD place and getting it, applying for the funding to do it (waiting for the result now, but suspect I'll have to apply again...), then doing freelance work to earn the money I need to be able to afford to make the most of my AA2A placement at Teesside (access is important, but it isn't everything). The net result is that in March I only had time to spend one day doing AA2A work. It's frustrating, but that's life.

I did make the most of that one day though, using Teesside's fantastic 3D workshops to make a test piece using negatives from a three colour lazer printing process. I stuck each neg sheet onto a piece of thick perspex, roughly lined them up, and cemented them together - cyan bottom, mag centre, and yellow top, so that the front surface has a gold sheen. Unless the thing is back lit you can't see the image, and there's something vaguely holographic about the image when you can see it.

This isn't the only way I could use these neg sheets, but it's a good start? Before beginning I had no idea whether this material would be interesting to work with, what the results might look like, but this test seems to indicate that it's worth pursuing - just have to work out what to do with it now.