new year

Lucy Carolan 8 years ago


Having completed all inductions before Xmas break, since the beginning of spring term I've been cracking on with some actual work.

First task has been to prep some things for show at an informal interim 'exhibition' Teesside Uni AA2A placement people are having in the Fine Art dept at the moment (fellow AA2A artist Jim Poyner has posted some pix of the install here), and in this blog are images of two of the pieces I decided to include. Both were produced during an artist residency in France last October (Vélo Café, mentioned previous blog post): the zoetrope above was complete but a bit wobbly and needed some tweaking, while the mutascope below needed a lot more work - the frame was complete but the flipbook of images had to be book-bound, the drum this was then glued to had to be built and positioned, and the nasty shade of pink the original bicycle was covered in removed. Before the deinstall, sometime next week, I'll try to take some better photos (these are just phone snaps).



Otherwise... The weather over Xmas was not great, so I haven't yet test exposed the films I built a trimming machine for last term. Getting the above pieces ready for show was a great way to ease myself into using workshop facilities and getting exising work finished, but it has slightly distracted from properly beginning new AA2A work. I've now drawn up a work schedule for myself and started testing materials though. More TK.