the start of "triage"

Lorraine Clewlow
11 years ago

"triage" is the working title for my new sculptural piece which is starting to take form... this album will document its first stages of growth and some photographic exploration of details which may disappear as the work progresses.

the name infers an assessment of need in relation to future treatment and it is indeed the start of of a new phase in my journey towards acceptance.


A recap of why I'm doing what I'm doing.... The purpose of my AA2A residency is to expand on and underpin my previous work and this involves fusing the sculptural materials, techniques and ideas of form which my Mum used to use (in her own work) with my own sculptural forms which express the loss of her from my life. Although filtered through memory I feel this exploration of materials will bridge a gap in space and time and its fusion with my choice of materials will be both a celebration of creation and a cathartic realisation.  

Mum loved Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, her forms reflected this, and so I have started to research their art and ideas and aim to incorporate some element of  influence into my work.

I started with a chicken wire structure which has hints of human form, it is three legged with reference to myself and my two siblings. The form appears to be trying to stand, tentatively, each leg requiring the support of the other two for some kind of stability. The piece is heavy, inferring "weight" directly as I move it around, cradling it whilst rasping its surface and honing its shape. When you look at it and do not know its weight then how could you gauge? you could only guess, I like this, it feels apt. The form has the simplicity and aesthetic of Mums sculpture and incorporates a niche into which one of my own small scupltures will eventually be put.