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The end of the project.....
..... well, sort of. No longer using the fantastic ceramics studio at Bradford College of Art , but continuing to complete various pieces at home in my workroom - sewing and layering more of the small paint/dye splattered patches of cloth, using simple embroidery stitches.  Sorting and attaching the small tiles that have impressions / marks made by the above...  show more
Keeping calm and carrying on....
Like many people I struggled a bit to keep focussed during the lockdowns - but have suprised myself when I look back at what I have actually continued to think about, develop and make.       Using my own small stitched samples , impressed/imprinted onto porcelain - the idea of fragility (the cloth as well as porcelain) and of...  show more
Work in progress, work at home
Although it feels like my work left in the ceramics studio at Bradford College of Art has been abandoned, I'm convincing myself that going off at a tangent is ok, now that I don't have access to a kiln for a while ! (though maybe trying some kind of raku set-up in the back garden might be a possibility.....) Sewing,...  show more
linen buttons, embroidery & applique
linen - favourite cloth -  white linen covered buttons originally not intended for show (used on nightwear/underwear in 19th/early20th century) - hardwearing, ordinary, everyday, unhidden - starched/crumpled , mended, darned, ephemeral ragged cloth embroidery and applique - old /unfinished sewn pieces of mine that have distinct textures , pressed/rolled/embedded/soaked in porcelain simple bowl form - curved - hand-held  black and...  show more
Still testing.....
Embedding / embossing simple bowl forms - different metals , hand stitched fabrics , threads  collections / connections - aiming for small differences, fine details contrasting pale ceramic , dark detail  show more
Starting AA2A
At the beginning of January this year, I had a surprise e-mail offering me the opportunity to take up a place at Bradford College of Art - fantastic news !           Two weeks in and I'm loving the ceramics studio - wanting to return to working with both cloth and clay in some way. It's a...  show more