patching, piecing - mendings

Lorna Jewitt
2 years ago

Coming to the end of the project - after returning to sewing , small black and white patches of calico , marked with random black/grey splashes/splodges of ink, hand sewn & embroidered - using the pieced cloth directly onto porcelain. Fine detail of threads and stitches , front and reverse of sewn pieces .

Small tiles with random imprints of my sewn, patched calico - like pieces of old pottery sherds, or broken pottery washed up on a beach - but as regular shaped (mostly square) tiles that seem as if they ought to fit together to form a coherent pattern or surface design. 

Small shallow bowls also with imprinted cloth & stitch - simple, monochrome, as a collection, somehow echoing the grids of linen buttons on card.

Consdidering 'mending' tiles broken drying or in firing - kintsugi - experimenting with stitch and cloth....