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LAST NIGHT SOME OF THE GREAT AND GOOD CAME AND SAW OUR FINAL SHOW.  It was very much appreciated, thanks to all who attended, some I know had come quite a way. The show started at 5pm, at which point my large mural was still unframed. However, my noble framers, Bonds from Chesterfield, staggered down the road with the completed...  show more
What is it about a bit of netting?
If you get a chance, look at the album with some mad students just frolicking. Who needs expensive props when you've got a piece of netting and a frame?   No wonder I had fun.    show more
EXHIBITION TIME at Chesterfield College 16th - 25th April
Four of us Artists in Residence, myself, Georgia Peskett, Vicki Johnson and Kate Sully, are holding our final exhibtion in The Dome at Chesterfield College from next Monday. If you are in the area, please come. The preview is 5-8pm Monday 16th April. I have greatly enjoyed not only the opportunity to paint on a far larger scale than I...  show more
Workshop Wonderland
Last week I had the chance to do a workshop with a great group of students and enthusiastic staff. It was F U N for all of us.  Each student had to paint their own Olympic design on a fifty pence piece of chipboard, about a foot across.  the idea was to make three sets of rings. They flung themselves...  show more
Phase II of my residency
I'm moving into 3D, evolving off the board. Chipboard begs for a jigsaw to sculpt it. Who am I to refuse?  show more
Well lit by sunlight, proud Titania!
The new studio has SUN not neon [or moon] light so I am well-chuffed. The first two pics are nearly done. I want to get cracking on a couple of new ones soon.  They involve a jigsaw,  or maybe a chainsaw..... Not quite clear how that will pan out. its all milling round my head. Possibly monochrome Things Piling up.........  show more
Mulberry Bush, Sellotape and Sardines.
Empty College this week, the students in Valencia. Painting for me is very like writing, things just happen and develop once there is a germ of an idea on the page/canvas.  With this chipboard I prefer not to plan. The coarseness of the surface has a way of overriding my own schemes anyway, and I find I like the discovery...  show more
Archetype to Arsitype
Couldn't resist putting a bowler hat and tie on my archetypal man last week. But no doubt it will have to go, The hat instantly takes  him from archetype to arsitype, which might be apt if it didn't also diminish the whole picture. Heigh ho. Am pleased with the SINGING VIKING though, his harp sppears to be transforming into flight...  show more
I blame the clocks
   It is a well known fact that time travel in the East Midlands is an ancient tradition. But I did not know until this week that in Chesterfield college itself you can travel from one time zone to another in the space of a single building. [I have proof if you need it. Just ask.]  That kind of  anomaly...  show more
The first draft is the deepest....
Who said that? No no no. The first draft is the simplest. It's finding the picture hidden within the woodchip that takes time, patience, and a lot of lurking about making absurd guesses, regretting, starting over. Completing the first draft of board one, was a no brainer. The question is what comes next? Who did what to whom, and with...  show more
How did those socks get in the toilet?
Well, it could have been the dog. Or the cat. Ginger is a rescourceful beast. He loves a sock. But two socks? Did he drop one in, and then go back for the other? I know for a fact they were in the living room. And how did he lift the lid?  An awful thought arises, good grief, are Diesel...  show more
DAY1 The Boy's Grammar School
Did you know Chesterfield Art Collge was founded in in 1877? Amazing fact. It may well revert to its old title of Chesterfield Art College again, and its old status of being one of the best in the country. Hurray! Now, from History to Current Affairs.... Jordan, giant tattooed hero of the week, chopped my chipboard, carried it aloft to...  show more
Jordan the daring teckkie sleuth
It turns out a man on the roof took the delivery. Why on earth didn't I think of that? No doubt nearer my gods to thee.  No, thankfully he didn't actually use it on  the roof, he took it over to the joinery department, the logical place for chipboard, and that is where Jordan, that famous tekkie bloodhound, sniffed it...  show more
Viva Haribo Babies!
Those haribo babies did their job, my prayer was answered, the board somewhere in the college. But.... [yes there is inevitably a but]  it is not yet known  exactly where the board is lurking. No one knows, or if they do, they aren't telling.  Good thing I have a nose for woodchip. I shall track it down tomorrow with...  show more
Prayer to the gods of chipboard
Beginning tomorrow, should the gods of chipboard actually deliver some of their elusive sheets of board to the college, I will get a chance to start on a panel as wide as my whole studio at home [a 3m x 2.5m shed that glories in that name]. To encourage safe delivery, I have sprinkled the path of the gods with...  show more