Museums 2012

Lindsey Holmes 11 years ago

I'm off to to my frist Museums Association conference all the way up in Edinburgh, to listen, learn and play counter-tourism, which is my new "thing" in which i often find myself in a busy museum bare foot, with pockets full of plastic animals, talking to paintings and eyeballing statues...anyway...

I'm also going to collect my AMA certificate which i have worked very hard for, over the last three years

I'm excited as this is a great oppurtunity to network and talk to museum people about the role costume and artwork does and could play in a wide range of heritage sites

As per normal i will have a couple of hats on and will also be representing IMTAL Europe (The International Museum Theatre Alliance) for whom i am a director and as part of this role I edit the IMTAL Europe Insights Journal three times a year

This is a very diffrent role (hat) from that of "Artist" and i am always interested in how the two worlds meet

expect more on what i got up to when i'm back at the weekend, including lashings of Iron brew...