The art of dressing up

Lindsey Holmes 11 years ago

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a busy time of the year for costume designers, so far this week i have been working out how to package and post wings, fighting though armys of Zombies doing their make up and fiting up blood drips which dispence strawberry jelly...

What i love about halloween is that everyone dresses up, because is is ok to do so and more now than ever, because it is expected

clothes projects what we want to be and fancy dress gives us an excuse to play with who we would like to be, "dress up" allow us all to be performers and play a role even if only for one night

i love to see how people dress when they think anything goes, it tells you a lot about people

My costumes are never quite a good as i plan them to be, as i always end up making so many things for other people, this years fit with my AA2A project and as its John keats 217th birthday...a consumptive...