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Museums 2012
I'm off to to my frist Museums Association conference all the way up in Edinburgh, to listen, learn and play counter-tourism, which is my new "thing" in which i often find myself in a busy museum bare foot, with pockets full of plastic animals, talking to paintings and eyeballing statues...anyway... I'm also going to collect my AMA certificate which i...  show more
The art of dressing up
Happy Halloween! Halloween is a busy time of the year for costume designers, so far this week i have been working out how to package and post wings, fighting though armys of Zombies doing their make up and fiting up blood drips which dispence strawberry jelly... What i love about halloween is that everyone dresses up, because is is ok...  show more
The sences in the print room
following on from my fawning over the smell of the print room, i can confirm my screenprinting induction induced a sensory overload... it has been a few years since i have had "proper" screen printing access and being back in the print room takes me back to my frist degree, quite a few years ago This time it was the...  show more
The beginning is the most important part of the work
And so it begins, my head is full of ideas, the university is full of exciting possibilities and my diary is full of inductions   I am feeling very inspired, I will be working in the same rooms that my granddad did for 35 years, from 1955 to 1990, then engineering now fashion   And next door, in the print...  show more