Lauren Fretwell 4 years ago

Over the Christmas period I have had a lot of time to reflect and alter my intentions since being involved with AA2A. I have created a workshop plan for the fine art students at Loughborough University, which may be useful for the creation process for future artworks of the students. I have adapted my creative methods of being a contemporary dancer and performance artist into something suitable, educational and enjoyable for fine art students. 

A common factor between my dance background and fine art students is the use of materials. Therefore, I intend on leading an experiement with students in a performance space with paper. My plan is to let students experiment any way they wish with paper, but keeping within a score set beforehand. This will open the students creative knowledge and go beyond their creative habits. Additionally to the freedom of use of paper, I am interested to observe how the students respond to bodies in the space from a creative perspective - will they compliment each other's movements/actions? Will they contrast each other? Will they collaborate in the workshop to create something as a group? 

I have contacted the staff at Loughborough University to carry out this workshop. I also indend on leading similar workshops to dance colleges and universities in future.