Lauren Fretwell 4 years ago

Today I spent some time researching influences for my new piece of work. Someone who really stands out for me in Bobby Baker, a british performance artist. Baker uses humour and stereotypical traits of women to produce performances and video art.

However, Baker's performances relate to an older generation of women. Since I am in my early 20s, I want to create a piece aimed and relatable for millennials. So far, my ideas are leaning towards a tutorial based performance to educate the auidence through the use of parody. For example, "How To Survive a Tinder Date" or "How To Face Your Fears as a Young Woman". This concept is yet to develop but it is something I am 100% working towards. 

Additionally to this, I have been working on a technique called Automatic Writing and Automatic Speech to generate content. This is similar to improvisation, however, I use images to prompt/trigger the beginning of the automated technique. For the next few weeks I will be using this technique to produce some content for my future piece of work.