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Handing In the Jacket
The jacket is finished and handed in to Chester Military Museum of the exhibition. Relining it was a challenge and I now could write a chapter on 'things you ought to know about replacing a lining, before you start'. Incorporating technology in to the outer design has been fun and also an education.    show more
Sublimation printing
Spent time in the Fashion and textiles room over the last two days. I have tested some different fabrics and also printed again on the silk satin which gives a great affect. I managed to find out more about Tomoko's work last week, after our chat to the third years students, which was fascinating hopefully we can catch up again...  show more
Photo Polymer, Intaglio prints
Had a full day in the print room. Greg the technician is very informative and helpful. The process is really fascinating and I can't wait to produce my own plates to work from.        show more
Meeting the others!
It was great to meet up with the other AA2A artists (minus the poorly and the aboard ones), and the students reps, real enthusiasm and interest, very refreshing. I do feel lucky to have this opportunity.  show more
The Library
There is a great buzz for me being in the library with the chance to just look at whatever appeals. Sort of like a luxury of choice. I was drawn to two distinct areas. First was dance theory such as 'Dance in the Field' and 'Capturing Dancing' with interesting discussion of dance notation. 'Coat Connemara' disscusses a film about a...  show more
Getting on with it
Got my first sublimation prints through today. Really pleased with the results. Staff are so helpful and enthusiastic. Great to meet and chat to the 3rd year students today.  show more
'Re' Construction of the Restored Bodice
Trials (and Tribulations) I have just put up a set of images on the site which I think of as a ‘sketch’ book. They are the majority of the work I have been doing so far on the residency. To fill in the gaps though, I am working on a digital reconstruction of a 17th century bodice from the Gallery...  show more