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Exposing screens
I've never done screen printing before, I have never had access to these sorts of facilities. I have worked in wood, metals, plastics, textiles, ceramics and paint so this is new to me.   I made up some screens, but I didn't photograph the rest of the process so watch this space for next week!  show more
Laser Cutter for producing work.
Following on from designing new work using ink at home in my office I etched it out on the laser cutter at Blackpool and the Fylde, plus a few more as I was working on the laser cutter that day. Watch the video of the etching process I'm not new to using a laser cutter I should embrace it more...  show more
On working through the project to become unstuck
Design-wise I keep struggling with where to start in the past I have drawn a variety of things on pottery, including boats, buoys, beach bungalows, bins, local buildings, and post boxes.   I sometimes still draw post boxes on my outgoing post.   I should talk about the project, the idea is to speed up the ceramics-making process, to be...  show more
Back on the wheel
It's been a while since I really sat at a wheel and practised my craft. I don't make as much wheel-thrown work at the moment, because I hurt my back and I haven't had a studio I could get inside if easily till this year. I love things to be a bit wonky and wobbly as I have always looked...  show more
Testing 1 2 3
The start of every project there is a lot of testing as I enjoy that part and a new project is often a great excuse to try something new, new glazes, new clay etc. In the last post I already showed the new clays I am starting with, plus add on to those Blackpool School of Arts buff clay and...  show more
New Ideas, New Clays
I'm approaching my time at the Blackpool School of Art to combine a series of different skills. As an artist I have had a portfolio career, working in formal education, being a potter making contemporary tableware, making sculptural experimental pottery to talk about place and the environment, and then at the opposite end of the scale making bright and colourful...  show more