Jonathan Wilkes 9 years ago

I have been working with an old 1940’s wooden radio lately, it was a bit battered and with the Universities technicians advice I paint stripped the old chipped varnish off, sanded it down and applied new varnish in thin coats to avoid brush stroked being evident. In my box of stuff, which I use to develop ideas, I found an old beer mat and sitting looking at the radio for a while I decided to hollow it out and create a secret pub, as you do :)


I am also going to add sound effects of a busy bar and a pianio being played in the background, which you will be able to switch on from the radios exsisting knobs. Here I have found a rotary switch and using a voltmeter I have found in which position the switch will switch on a speakers amp and the  CD player to conserve battery life. Next i will make a simular window as the one I have researched to form the backdrop for the radio.