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Skull research for 3rd year project
For my final year of uni I will been looking at the human animal conflict that is threating to wipe out a lot of wild animals across the world. And to educate children about this matter. I'm still in a debate with myself at what age I should target my final piece at. Are 3 years to young to really...  show more
Business plan development
I had a really productive meeting with the rest of my team on how we can move forward with our idea. I now think we have a solid idea and the ground work we put in at the start has really help us to concentrate on making our presentation the best it can be.  I can honestly say this has...  show more
The endangered alphabet
This is an alphabet made up of some of the most endangered species from around the world. The reason I done this alphabet was because during the summer my tutor's asked us to collect item's that we are interested in and bring in on the first day. My collection was toy animals from my son's collection, books, magazines and leaflets...  show more
Fund raising
Today the 3rd year's from all the art and design groups had a meeting to discuss our end of year exhibition.  It was really interesting to see all the ideas about the branding, the marketing and the fundraising. We now have until the 1st of November to vote on how we would like the exhibition to be branded.  Being part...  show more
First brief of the year
For my first brief of the year I was asked to rebrand the UCAS stand and all the advertising material for the University of Chester Kingsway campus. I asked fellow graphic designer Rebecca Coverdale to help on this project as it was a big task and a short deadline. After a few days of brainstorming and research we know the...  show more