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KARSTPUB//A two part workshop with Plymouth University BA Fine Art Students
I wanted to share some of my skills and work together with students from Plymouth University so I arranged a one day workshop and visit to local contemporary art gallery, KARST. Here are some images of the work in progress and an outline of the workshop:   19.02.15/KARST VISIT/PUBLICATION PRODUCTION with AA2A ARTIST, JOANNA BRINTON PART I Visit to Breakin’...  show more
On casting.
    I wanted to further a piece I had shown as part of a collection of small works, a pocket-sized contraption that consisted of an Altoids tin, some Plasticine and a set of someone else’s keys. These items formed a portable impressioning device. The tin was modified with a nick in its side to accommodate a keyring then stuffed...  show more
On folding information
I proposed a publication for the show. A small space for the participants to put forward their references. A place for found images, their own work, quotes or texts or doodles. But this paper thing became a victim of marketing and property. Logo's were thrown at it, texts were rewritten with readers in mind. Explanations were demanded of the participants,...  show more
A moveable line
I'm interested in the Blockhouses, squat, square buildings that frame the entrance to the river, or rather the harbour. My limited research tells me they were positioned either side of the entrance to Fowey harbour so that 'undesirable' ships could be prevented from entering, their path halted by a large chain which would be strung between the two.There's something about...  show more