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As part of AA2A the five Artists in Residence at the University of Chester, joined by some existing artists from the University are holding an exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Space Chester starting   Later in January. I am exhibiting four sculptural pieces together called 'What Lies Beneath'. needless to say it has been a very busy Christmas Holiday getting...  show more
Working in the department
I work in wood and am starting to get to know the staff In the department. I have done a little carving and tool sharpening as demos and had some great chats about approaches to scaling work up. Creating large sculptures out of laminated layers of ply is very exciting using the departments CAD facilities has potential, as does creating...  show more
Introduction to the department
A couple of weeks into AA2A we (the five artists taking part at the University of Chester) put up a display of our work so that staff and students could start to get to know us and the art we make. We had a few minced pies and some mulled wine and chatted to the students about our practice and...  show more
Initial display of work
To start our residency off the five artists who are taking part in AA2A at the University of Chester are displaying some of their existing work in the Department of Art and Design so help students and staff to get to know a little about us and our work.  show more
Just getting started
AA2A 2023. There are 6 artists who have been selected to have a residency at The University of Chester. We have met and agreed to have an initial exhibition within the department as a means of introducing ourselves. In the meantime I am starting to research some ideas around the idea of 'The Rebirth of Human Kindness'. In the face of...  show more