Half way there

Jim Poyner 3 years ago

So, half way througfh our placement at MIMA and working with Tees uni, we have been inducted into the design dept, proving we can make stuff without loosing fingers too often and tantilised by the array of opportunities.  The AA2A placement at Teeside has so much scope for creating new work and new projects that it can be a bit overwealming, but networking with the other AA2A artists and taking the sound advice of technicians is keeping me in line.  The MIMA AA2A+ element is exceedingly rewarding as the calm and very professional guidance received from MIMA curatorial staff has helped steer my project, keeping me on track and reminding me about my own development .

My project, to record opinions and photograph people of Middlesborough with their thoughts about Useful Art and MIMA is going well and having met with MIMA director and Curators, I now have clear direction for the questions and approach as well as an indication that an artist book of the project would be kept at MIMA in the Useful Art library.  I have 2 best selling authors to interview and photograph next week on Teeside and a visit to the transporter bridge, college and Teeside Giants project in store.  Ive also attended a presentation by the winners of this years Turner Prize, jolly nice they were too and had a couple of ideas for using the laser cutting and engraving machines at the Uni , as well as the 3d printer. 

Coming up in the next couple of weeks Ill be at the Uni experimenting with old polaroid stock to transfer the digital images from my project to the polaroids then extracting the flexible gelatin based emulsion layer to fix to glass or perspex to test an idea for the final show.