Yeahhh. I found it!

Janet Manogue 11 years ago

Well, I found the blog page! It took some doing. I promised Wendy Mason I would post again. What a lovely lady she is. She came to UCLan to see what we were doing and ended up in the print room watching Leighton and myself printing. We had a lovely chat about art and how AA2A has helped my practice. I discovered it's rather difficult explaining the excitement of reticulation when the other person has no idea what you are on about, but Wendy rose to the challenge and was very interested.

By the way, the reticulation is going extremely well... I can get, in one hour now, what took me a whole day to achieve in October! The secret, I will tell, (but only to you), is in the copper plate oil... oooh, it makes such a difference when you sprinkle white spirit onto the plate.

I'll try to get my photos on my thingy whatsit, but please don't hold your breath, you may go blue and pass out! I will however, post them. Some of them are actually (surprisingly) amazing!

By the way, I have 90 prints on the go now.