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An Interview!
A few weeks ago, the Old English blog interviewed me about my medieval jewellery work. I've also put the interview on my website, and it has photos and some step-by-step instructions on some of the processes I use. The interview can be read here on the Primitive Method blog.  show more
Manufacturing Hammered Silver Sheet
This article was originally posted on the Primitive Method Blog. One of the key products for any metalworker is sheet metal. It can be used for forming, raising and spinning; it can be decorated by chasing and repoussé, or by etching, engraving and piercing. It can also be converted into other products - further thinning can be done to turn...  show more
Adventures in Knotwork, Part 1
[This post originally appeared on the Primitive Method blog.] Although I'm mostly interested in the treatment of metals in the middle ages, it's impossible to develop and explore techniques without a grasp of the styles and iconography of the medieval period. It's very hard to make sweeping statements about any style of art, but one style seems to be significant...  show more
Starting an Artist's Residency at Loughborough Uni
[The original version of this blog post appeared on the Primitive Method Blog.] I put a post up a couple of months ago, about applying to the AA2A programme. In short, the programme aims to get practicing artists into University and College workshops across Britain, giving the artist access to facilities, and the students access to practicing artists. You can...  show more
Applying to AA2A (Artists Access to Art Colleges)
[NOTE: This blog post originally appeared on the Primitive Method Blog in August. It's included here to show people the background to my (sucessful) application.]   So, I was reading Benchpeg last night, which is a weekly newletter for the UK trade, and I saw an advert for a scheme, called AA2A, or "Artists Access to Art Colleges". It's quite...  show more