Screenprinting Progress

James Newton 1 year ago

After a few visits I am getting into the rhythm of working here on a weekly basis (as far as possible).  I have spent the most time screen printing and have decided to concentrate on this for the time being.  I am enjoying using the facilites and having the freedom to try out ideas, the freedom to fail. I am also learning a lot very quickly.

The aim at the moment is to print photographs in a non-photographic way; the results are very much 'print' but the starting point is photography.  Below are a few examples of images made so far on a variety of materials, paper, grey board, plywood - sometimes directly and sometimes to a surface that has been pre-painted.

Alongside this I will be working on printing 'photographs' in a much more straight forward way as screenprints, the 150 dpi screens and ability to create acetates on a large scale will be a great opportunity to see how far I can go with this.  Updates to follow.