Untitled 1-6

James Newton
1 year ago

These compositions are the result of bill posters being removed from hoardings surrounding a yet to be developed site at Vauxhall in London. The blank space invites a regular layer of posters; unofficial advertising on unrented space. Workers are dispatched to tear, scrape and overpaint, restoring the hoardings to their neutral status. Empty space ready to be filled again.

I have been documenting this process over a period of 5 years, collecting these unintentional abstract expressions of constant change within the the urban environment. Layers of paint, paste and paper in an ongoing battle of ownership.

A set of 6 screenprints on hand painted Fabriano Tiepolo 290gsm paper

56cm x 38cm sheets in 61cm x 44cm card wallet

Limited edition of 3 (+2AP)