Jade Heritage 11 years ago

The AA2A at Chelsea has gotten off to a slow start, awaiting inductions etc. But I feel I have all I need now. The access to the library and archive, equipment and edit suite is pretty much all I need, with the addition of booking out spaces for filming and performance.

Much of this will come in the new year, considering the term is now over.

There are some great spaces I'd like to put forward proposals for using, and I'm crossing my fingers for some results.

The sound piece is coming together slowly (juggling a job and a group project at the same time as this residency is proving challenging). I have edited down 1.5 hours out of the 4 so far, collecting the bits that are of interest.

- Giving people a Lapyan (sp) in business. An incentive.

- Positive atmosphere without necessarily giving a reward vs. Negative atmosphere but giving a reward (bonus, etc)

- People prefer ego strokes to pay increases


And many other big topics. I will elaborate and show examples as the edit becomes more solid. I will be combining with other sound works, and potentially my own recordings when it begins to take shape.